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The world of Digitalization














Those days were gone where the marketers go to the door to door for the marketing.  Now today’s world becomes high tech, and almost 92% of the peoples use mobiles internet in the world.

Digital marketing today has become really important in an individual’s life, be it for an entertainment purpose or business purpose or for publicity or for awareness and knowledge, these sites have really helped us to become masterminds before taking any step.

A big weapon for business:


digital marketing vs traditional marketing-the world of digitalization

There are dominant reasons why Digital marketing is better than traditional marketing such as Higher ROI (Return on investment), targeting customers, business analysis is easy.

Therefore we compliment and show our gratitude for the following  social networking sites:


Instagram –


instagram-world of digitalization
Instagram image for the world of digitalization

According to research, Instagram has the highest number of users, counting up to 300 million monthly users. The percentage of Instagram users who related to business is more than double that of the facebook. Instagram has attracted a lot of businesses towards its captivating features and the number of people who use it. People can write really interesting bios that hooks followers. Instagram has earned a worldwide fame which is basically attracting the young businessmen to put up their pages to earn better profits. Though Instagram is not the perfect place for a business but due to its users, businesses can really earn good brand awareness.




facebook-world of digitalization

It has been one the best medium to promote small businesses. This site is one of the best social networking sites to date, and has given the best platforms in the world by far, and has more than a billion active users. In the business sector, Facebook has connected the world from inside out by creating pages, share the pages, making connections, Facebook still continues to be the champ of the social media sites. It has helped businesses to grow by connecting them worldwide, helping these businessmen to find better ideas and made their minds more creative to earn better profits in their business, Facebook has also helped businesses by creating brand awareness and attracting people to these businesses from worldwide. Get interactive with offers, contest, games, surveys, etc. Facebook is a low-cost marketing strategy which is a smart move, has provided great opportunities to companies for making online sales and broadens their reach.



twitter-world of digitalization

As the Twitter is called as the microblogging website and comes in a Top 5 social media platform. The basic reach of Twitter is to build up the really strong foundation. Twitter only allows individuals to give smart and crisp answers in 140 characters to the target audience, and things that are needed to promote the business. Twitter has basically given attention to the high-class people and important people which have indirectly helped business people to get in contact with the better crowd and gain brand awareness and has helped driving traffic towards their websites and blogs.




Linkldin-world of digitalization

It is one of the new social networking sites that have really helped to attract the crowd. Linkedin has shown us the easiest ways to create a thought leadership content in the areas of expertise. Linkedin is basically a business and employment-oriented social networking service that operates with help of websites and mobile apps. It has helped in online recruitment, job listings, and skills.


Snapchat-World of digitalization

It is one of the fastest growing social networking sites. It has helped the businesses to put up daily stories which last for almost a day and it also helps to create a string of snaps which are used for creating video narrative. It has become one of the real-time social media marketing because it can give the audience direct access to the live events.


Therefore these major social networking sites have really merged the world into a single platform of chances.

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