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whatsapp launches group video calling

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is India’s most famous instant messaging app and has around over a million active users. Facebook-owned app “Whatsapp” often releases the beta version on their website. Before the users get the final release of the update, they append the beta version on the iOS app store and google play store. Beta users get innovative updates, features and other details before others.

We all had used a group calling feature in our mobiles, By using this useful feature we all think that “How wonderful will be the life if this feature launch in Video calling”. Yes, of course, it will be too easy for everyone to connect in such an amazing way.


We all use WhatsApp for half of a day. After adding a video call Whatsapp adds this new feature to enhance the user experience of WhatsApp, They just add “cherry on a cake” .The biggest conference of the Facebook “F8” held at the Mc Energy Convention Centre in Sanjose, California on May 1 and 2, 2018. The conference was intended for developers and entrepreneurs who build products and services around the website. During the conference, Facebook has announced group calling features for WhatsApp. Earlier, the group video calling feature was only limited for a very few users, the company is now rolling out group calling feature to a wider audience on both iOS and Android smartphones. On Android, the feature is only available for WhatsApp beta users, while iOS users can get access to it through the most recent update. Hence, non-beta users on Android would have to wait for some more time.

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How to use it?

group video-calling
The group calling feature is easy and simple to use. To have a group call, you first need to start a video calling with one participant. The video call interface carries an add participants button at the top right corner, which allows you to look into your contact list and add another participant. The person on the other side will be notified of the call and the other participants who are already a part of the video call. The individual can use this feature to talk to four people at the same time.

Through group video calling interface, an individual can add only one person at a time. This simply means one can add the fourth person only when the third person has already accepted the invitation. After all, participants come on board, the smartphone screen would display four blocks for each member. On android one can also add non– beta users in the four-person group video call. Such a person can join the conversation only when they are invited by others for group video calling.

In addition with the group video calling feature facebook also has announced that the instant messaging platform will soon have a messenger like stickers. These two features are going to be rolled out soon for a large number of audiences.

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