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We all know that the world is changing towards Digital. All the businesses big or small are moving to the Digital marketing.
Due to the High return on investment, big conversion rate, easy to analysis, and cost-efficient, many businessmen prefer Digital marketing than traditional marketing for promotions of their products and brands.

Digital marketing contains, following sections such as SMM, SEM, PPC, Mobile Marketing, and Affiliate marketing.
SMM is one of the important sections of digital marketing.

SMM( social media Marketing)-

SMM is a short form of Social Media Marketing. When someone uses a social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and many more to promote their products or for sale, this technique is called as social media marketing.
For selling and promotions of brands and products through social media, it can be done by the content writing,
Posting videos and photos, commenting, etc.

Here are reasons for marketing in social media-




-Social media is free of cost.

-Free branding.
-Proper planning.
-Easy to Analysis.
-Higher conversion rates