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What is SEO (search engine optimization):


SEO is an unpaid method of Search engine Marketing. SEO is a technique in which we try to increase a traffic and ranking of the website on search engine.
For SEO we use methods such as online as well as Offline SEO. It is a target of every website owners to bring a website at the top of every search engine.

PPC(pay per click):




It is a paid technique to bring a website at a top of the search engine. This technique is done for rapid results on the search engine by paying a sufficient amount for the created campaigns(Advertisement). This method is generally used by the E-Commerce websites, which display the advertisements of their products.

Advantages of SEM in business:




-Brings more customers.
-Makes a user-friendly website.

– Better conversion rate.
-Builds brand awareness.
-Increases Sales and Needs.
– SEO brings trust and credibility.
– SEO will increase Social media followers.
– SEO is affordable.
-SEO ranking is long lasting.