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Mobile marketing


What is Mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is one of the trending marketing in which marketers use it as a big weapon for the promotion of their products. All those marketing techniques which create a link between the consumer and marketers through mobile phones is called mobile marketing.
Simply, mobile marketing is a marketing which is done with the help of mobile, such as online shopping, product promotion.etc
Mobile marketing is one of the emerging and trending topics in today’s worlds because in today’s world almost each and every person has a mobile. Most of the companies are doing marketing with the mobile because the internet had stimulated the marketing to another level.

Growth in mobile marketing:


As per the study, there is 16% increment year over year in the number of smartphones users in the world.
As the Internet users are increasing day by day, that is why mobile marketing is trending all over the market.
A recent study by mobile insurance.com has said that the average person spends 90 mins a day on their phone.


Why mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is related to the internet marketing. As in mobile marketing also the marketers had also a need of user for promoting and advertising our product. For mobile marketing, every marketer wants to understand such as understanding the nature of the user, understanding the mobile network of the user, and also important things such as SMS alert etc.

Currently, more peoples are using mobile phones, that is why mobile marketing technique is growing day by day. Mobile marketing is not a small technique.

Compare to the traditional marketing and mobile marketing, mobile marketing is far better than the traditional marketing, Because mobile marketing has a greater ROI(Return on Investment), Higher conversion rate, Mobile marketing can be a track from the google analytics and different tools.

Mobile marketing contains the following major sections:-

Bulk SMS-

Bulk SMS is a service in which SMS is sent to the million numbers of the people, in a second. This service helps to connect in a wide range of the network.

Advantages of Bulk SMS service:

-Bulk SMS can be sent at any time.
– Bulk SMS is cost effective and take less time to deliver.
-SMS shows the proper time and there is less chance of fraud.
– Very quickly in nature.
-We can deliver SMS through the computer.

Bulk voice calls-

– The bulk voice call is a communication technique which helps & allows taking recorded hundreds or thousands of call recipients in a very less time.