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LinkedIn adds QR code


LinkedIn is a great way to grow your professional network. As LinkedIn started on 5th may 2003, currently has 332 Million members. We should have an account on Linkedin, that list all professional achievement and capabilities of our academics and professional achievements.

If we want to share our profile with potential employers and customers, then we say “to look my profile” to employe or customer, but it is very difficult for an employe to find our profile with an exact match.


For example: If we want to add an Ajay Sharma, then we found 100 of the profile of the same name.
Now it will be easy to browse a professional profile and connect with them through the new feature of “QR code” and scanning process.
With QR code it is easy to connect on the spot when meeting someone in person.

Where is it?

linkedIn-where is it
A Linkedin QR code can be accessed by clicking the QR code icon in the search box, which is in the home tab.
This Linkedin Qr code is available now in the Linkedin iOS and Android apps globally.

How does it work?


1-Open your Linkedin app on iOS or Android, Tap or click on the Qr code icon in the search box found on the Home Tab.

LinkedIn- QRcode


2- You can scan others Linkedin QR code, where you can find your mutual connections, Interest, their work, and profession, send a connection request and much more.


3- You can also upload a LinkedIn Qr code, by only just one click on the “My Code”. You can share your LinkedIn QR code through iMessage, social networking sites, Emails and directly from this page clicking on “share my QR code”.

In a nutshell, By this technology user can easily connect with other by just scanning a “QR code” and not just by spending a time on organic search.

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