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Best 5 Tips to get your Dream Job

How to get the dream job? is one of the biggest questions that occur in each and every young, old person. Getting the job is good, but getting a dream job will be  “Cherry on a cake”. Some get their dream jobs but some are unable to get this because there are some things (Do’s and Dont’s) that they don’t follow.
Basically, these tips are mushrooming in all the place such as Youtube, website, tuition classes, TVs. But here are some things that every dream job seeker should follow to achieve their goals.

I had divided this topic into 5 parts:

1-Know yourself-

who m i-dream job

We all know that all five fingers in our hand are different. Likewise, God has made each and every human being different, they embedded different qualities and feature in every human being.

So, firstly don’t follow the Rat race”. Be different like number ZERO, which has its own different role and different position. Don’t follow others and your friends to choose your career and goals. Know your skills and qualities and go with them.

Get master in your skills, try to acquire certificates for your skills, because Skill is a cloth that makes you different from others. Your Skill will keep you unique from the crowd.

2-Competitor Analysis-

competitor analysis-dream job


Taking the example of the Marketing. “Selling of a product is called as marketing”, this definition now becomes old, Nowadays marketing is called “Selling of a product better than the competitor”. Like marketing, our life also required a competitor analysis. You want to do the analysis of your competitor either they are better or you are better? what are the things that make your competitor better than you?

3-Make our own identity-

Linkedin identity-

Linkedin-identity-dream job

As Linkedin is a portal which is not only used for B2C business, but it is the great platform for a recruitment. The job seeker and companies heads can get connected in a better way.

Identity for getting jobs contains factors like Resume, Linkedin profile, facebook profile and many more. Make your Linkedin profile attractive as much as you can. Mention each and every activities, skills, achievements, activities, reward, educational backgrounds, etc so that your resume and Linkedin profile looks more enchanting from others. Nowadays Linkedin has become medium for job seekers and every corporate for hiring employees. So get connecting with the employes, HR’s, Manager’s, CEO’s of your relevant skills, so that they can give you notification regarding job vacancies.
Apply on the notified job vacancy and read the details of job post, such as Origin of the company, business model, Work culture, your role in future, Growth of your company, so that you will be assured and gets enough time for preparation.


resume identity-dream job


Make your resume appealing and companies specific, it should be short and sweet. Because the resume is the thing that will be your’s first impression of your hiring HR.
Most of the experts say that “Interviewee is a product, while the resume is the pamphlet”.
While giving an interview you want to sell yourself by providing a  resume.

4-While going to interview-

interview-dream job


After shortlisting for an interview, always go well-dressed. Simply, you want to showcase your value and your dedication to the interviewer. You want to showcase your importance for the growth of the company. If you will become successful to showcase your importance to the interviewer, you are 99% selected in a company.
But, be honest while giving an interview. Don’t try to bluff an interviewer, because they are so smart to detect your truth or lie.

5- After the interview –

salary expectation-dream job


After the interview, the important factor remain will be “salary expectation”. Before saying the salary expectation firstly know your value.  If you have skills don’t satisfy small opportunities. Opportunities are plenty in the market. Don’t be stuck in rumors such as “Deficiency of jobs in a market”. There are lots of jobs in a market, new startups are opening in every day and new vacancies are created.

These are all the Dos and Dont’s for getting your dream jobs. “Be a right person for right jobs”. But most importantly while working in your dream jobs, always try to learn something new each and every day. Show your value to the company. Be productive for your company.


Did we miss something? Come on! and Tell us what you think of our article on. What is some extra factor to get a JOB in the comments section given below?


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