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How Naukri.com earns?


A Naukri.com is the Indian job portal, which is a product of a parent company called as Info Edge. This job search engine site was launched in the year 1997, by an Indian businessman Sanjeev Bikhchandani. According to the business study of this portal, there are 49.5 million users registered to the website.
In addition, approx 11,000 Resumes are submitted on a daily basis. The revenue of the website in the 1st year was 2,35,000 Rs in next year company achieved a break-even and currently, this company is in profit.


Info edge company is one of the best Startup in India, who had achieved a profit from the beginning of a business. After a success of  “Naukri.com”, Info edge company has also done investments in jeevansathi.com, zomato.com, policybazar.com etc.

info edge-share price
In 2006 Info Edge brought their IPO(Initial Public Offering), which is one of the successful IPO’s in Indian stock market.

Earnings from Recruiters-

Recruitment-businessIn this job portal, the job seekers make their profiles and on another side HR’s and Heads of the Organisation purchase the access of profile, on giving the access of profile to a company, naukri.com takes money from a company.

Services :


1-Resume database access service (RESDEX)-

According to this brand, they had 58.6 millions of registered job seekers. In addition, 50,00,000 CV’s are also added in every month.
So for acquiring these CV’s, company gives different amount of money on the different number of CV. For-ex: If a company want 150 CV’s, they have to give  6500 rs, and the service validity will be only for 3 days. So, for more numbers of CV’s more will be the cost. This service is also different for longer durations such as weeks, months, years.

2-Job posting service –

Sometimes in this recruitment website, we see some vacancies called as a HOT vacancy. So basically, this is used for pushing or highlighting that particular vacancy. The service costing also varies as per the duration.

3-Recruitment management system-

Recruitment management system ( RMS ), is a set of a tool designed to manage a recruiting process. Recruitment management system includes manpower planning, Onboarding activities. So, all RMS system data is also provided by this portal, which is also a paid service.

4-Referral solutions-

There are many companies, who provides a referral drives for hiring new employees. Referral solution is also provided by this brand by paying them desired cost.

5- Branding solutions-

This service provides a solution for creating individuals account.

6-Special combo products-

This service refers to the special offers regarding the resumes, job postings etc.

Earnings from job seekers –

This brand also makes money from jobseeker, by providing services such as-

1-Resume writing service-

Resume plays one of the important roles in seeking the job. This portal provides, resume writing service for jobseeker with some desired cost.


2-Profile enhancement-


For enhancing a profile of job seekers, this portal provides a certification course for development of a skill. They provide courses such as software courses, digital marketing courses, BPO and ITES BPO, marketing, account, and financing etc.

3-Recruiter reach-



From this service, Jobseekers can reach rapidly to there interested recruiters. This service helps a jobseeker to connect with their relevant job. This service makes a link and collaboration between the job seekers and the heads of the organization.


recruitment comparision

According to the annual report of the info edge. Info edge has made a big revenue and profit from the recruitment business than the matrimonies, real estate, and other business.


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