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Big 5 Update of Google “SOS alert”

It’s been a year since Google had launched Google SOS Alerts. This giant search engine firm always brings a new update for the better experience of the user. As this SOS alert also called as “Carr fire” update, this was launch on the year 2017.

This article is all about a massive update in the “SOS alert”. The principle use of this update is to help out the people who are searching for information about natural calamities. But according to Google, they will send out push alerts to people in a disaster area.

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An Overview of this update:

According to Google at time of crisis, This SOS alert will appear in the search result, by providing information on the affected area.
As an example given above is the Carr fire which occurs in Northern California.

Here are some interesting updates that Google brings in “SOS alert”:

1- A Color update:

Red color-

If you come to an affected area then the Notification banner color will become Red by giving an exact location of the affected area. In addition to that the maps, Official updates, and local alerts will also appear on the top of the Google search result.

White color-

If you are a person who does not come in an affected area then the notification banner will become a White in color in a banner and you will also see a “Donate” option to help a local community.

2- Share button update-

This share icon in the banner allows you to share the SOS Alert results with others on the different social networking platform.

3- Ownership update-

SOS alert-owner

If you’re an agency or any company which makes a crisis map, Google has brought an important tip to help you consider listing it. Google will indicate the agency name or who had produced this map in their description by giving a website link for verification of ownership.

4-Public Alert-

Public alert


In addition to “SOS Alerts”, Google will also display Public Alerts with information about tornadoes, earthquakes, evacuations and other emergencies that come from official sources and agencies. You can find a list of all current alerts by clicking here.

5- Need Local Information Box:

A “Need local information?” box will appear. Selecting this Box will bring up the “red banner” and you will get additional information for those need to be detected in a crisis area.


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