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3 Reasons why facebook removes Trending?

There are infinite things that we learn from the facebook. There are lots of sections that the facebooks serve to their customers. Such as the chat section, profile section, Trending news sections, notifications, events, pages and many more.
But one of the most lovable, important, and most useful section was Trending News section. The most upcoming bad news for all Facebook users is that This firm has assassinated the “trending news” section.

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why was trending news removed?



As FB is one of the biggest community in the world of the internet. The facebook is so smart that they can easily analyze their business model either it will be profit or loss.
Trending section was introduced in the year 2014, this wonderful section was very helpful for the users to get a fresh and genuine news instantly. In this part, the popular news is highlighted in a trending section.
The important reason behind to remove a trending section was, they are bringing something new feature to their customers for a better experience to gain the trending NEWS. In past, this feature was only available in five countries and as per the analysis of Facebook, Only 1.5% of clicks are getting to the news publishers.

On research, Facebook found that there are lots of people who find this feature as less useful. Because nowadays people want something awful experience in everything. Also with this feature facebook are removing the products and 3rd party contribution with this trending section. As the world is becoming Hightech day by day and currently people are like to gain a news via news videos and the other interesting sources.

So, Facebook is exploring something new section that helps to their users to get a fresh, trending news as per interest. Facebook committed that, in future, they will bring a “Trending news” more fresh and genuine.
In upcoming days FB will serve a news with bringing following sections such as:

Breaking the news label:-


According to the Facebook, they are bringing breaking news notifications. The test is running in countries such as North America, South America, Europe, India and Australia and with approx 80 publishers to put a “breaking news”  indicator on their post. This will help the user to find the news on this social site easily.

Today in:




Facebook are doing studies and testings to bring “Test In” section. This section helps the user to get
a local news easily. This section emphasizes the local news section. This feature provides the news of the local cities and the news of the local organizations, officials etc.

News video in the watch:


Facebook will soon have this dedicated section. This section is only for users of the US, in
which they can watch a live coverage of news videos. This section will provide the news in brief, which is
exclusive to watch for the people of US. It is not clear that they are bringing something new box in place of trending or bringing something new features in delivering a news.

Nowadays people like to stay informed, so they want to gain current affairs information and
what is happening around them. So, the facebook is bringing something new techniques
and services so that people can easily get a good quality news that they want.


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