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Case Studies

Gau Milk case study

About Gau Milk-

Gau Milk- logo

Gau milk is a brand of Kanha dairy industry located in a Bilaspur city, Chattisgarh. Kanha Dairy Industries is spread over 50 acres of land. They focus on next-gen technologies and a flexible business delivery model to provide safe, nutritious and quality milk and milk products with ultramodern dairy facilities.

Things GauMilk do best-

1-Product Innovation-

With the help of professional employees, they emphasize to address challenges spanning the complete dairy product lifecycle. They maintain an innovative work environment to motivate their employees in taking risks and challenging the status quo. They work hard to capitalize on their strengths and brings you tailored and innovative products.


2-Social consciousness-

They are proud of themselves because many of their initiatives are considered to be responsible corporate citizens and to be a good organizer of natural resources. Their goals are to take a noble step more lightly on the planet to treat their people and animals with respect and to give back to the local communities.

3- sustainable business model-

They invest in the next-gen technologies to reduce cost and with their diversifying investments on a new product launch benefits them to boost their growth and improves profits.

4- people safety-

They demonstrated a commitment towards the safety and welfare of the animals as well as the hygiene of the final products for the customers. This describes that the people have won their trust and love.

5-Quality governance-

When its quality, Gau milk do not compromise. They follow global standards and implement best practices to process milk that consistently meet their customer expectations.

Their Specialities-

1-Modern farmhouse.

2-Storage at 40C Temperature.

3- healthy Herd.

4- Glass bottle packaging.

5- Untouched Milk.

6-Delivery at the Doorstep.

The Challenge-

The Gau milk company joined hand with “Benchmark Group” to generate maximum prospective leads for dairy products and brand advertisement through digital communications and has completed its 100 days with benchmark group. This promotional activity of Gau Milk targeted the people of Chhattisgarh state.
Naturally, Gau Milk was expecting maximum lead conversion and therefore they decided to invest in Benchmark Group for assistance.


Few Samples of the post run by the  Benchmark Group for Gau Milk which got Good Response-




Benchmark group had implemented the perfect blend of the trending digital marketing strategies that enhanced the conversion optimization.
Benchmarks effort made the client happy generating an impressive impression.
Page Like- 9,406.
Page reach- 4,61,968
Page followers- 9,975
Page Engage-14080